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By Eric Robertson, MiraCosta College 

My name is Eric Robertson and I’m a Professor of Communication at MiraCosta College.  For the last 10 years I’ve been teaching in San Diego County, and during that time I have worked with thousands of Millenials.  These individuals have grown up with different circumstances than previous generations.  Recession, war, and technology have been some of the unique influences that shape their worldview.  Below are a few points to consider when thinking about this group.
In the 2010s, the median marriage age in the US is 30 years old.
Compare this to 23 years old in the 1970s.  
Millenials have grown up in a time with much economic turmoil.  Some suggest that this has led to a need for more stability and career progress before making large commitments.
29.9% of Millenials lived at home with their parents in 2010.
There are different ways that this can be interpreted.  Are Millenials so lazy that they refuse to grow up and move out?  Or are they so responsible that they want to save money and take advantage of the stability of having a place to live?  Or have we created a culture where Baby Boomers refuse to let go?  All of these positions can be argued, however, regardless of the reasons we can agree the trend suggests that Millenials are taking things a bit more slowly than previous generations.
The mean student loan balance for a 25 year old is $20,926.
Millenials have experienced rising tuition costs and significant student loan debt as they enter into the workforce.  This has even effected the way that older Millenials see college as well, and according to CNN Money nearly half of parents in their early thirties intend to foot their kids’ full college bill.
Every generation has unique situations that influence them.  Whether it was Woodstock, MTV, or the selfie, as technology and culture progress people learn to adapt and change with it.  Millenials will encounter difficulties and opportunities that they will need to deal with, but my experience tells me that they are up for the challenge.
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by Emily Crisman and Nina Fletcher
The Military Affairs Committee meets the second Thursday of month at 7:30 AM to discuss ways to build a community that ties together Oceanside and Camp Pendleton. As well as hear an update on what is happening in the Marine Corps from Colonel Craft.
This past Thursday we discussed new ideas for honoring a Military Member of the Month, brainstormed on how as a community we can better assist Marines transition to civilian life, and started planning for the Enlisted Recognition Reception in February 2016. The Chamber of Commerce is coordinating with Colonel Craft on Camp Pendleton to honor a deserving active duty Marine or Sailor as Military Member of the Month, starting in January. They will be awarded at a City Council meeting, and the intended goal is to demonstrate the community’s appreciation of hard work and sacrifice these men and women make.
There was continued brainstorming on how businesses in Oceanside can aid marines and sailors when they start transitioning out of the military into civilian life. Every week aboard Camp Pendleton approximately 200 Marines are leaving the military and roughly 1/3 of those intend to stay in Southern California. Last month, we had the privilege of having guest Speaker Christopher Merris, Camp Pendleton’s Marine Corps chaplain; speak about a transitional readiness program Zero8hundred. The program places focus on employment and education, but address a variety of other areas, such as healthcare, too. Service members are encouraged to sign up for this program, at no cost, and in doing so are assigned a mentor who helps them navigate what is sometimes an extremely challenging and unnerving point in their lives. 
This month Colonel Craft recommended one way for businesses to participate in transition is to attend career fairs offered for the military on Camp Pendleton. You can find these events on www.mccscp.com. There will be more discussion in the future about ways we can help marines and sailors transition and hopefully a person to contact from the zero8hundred program.
 Lastly, attendees were briefed on the Enlisted Recognition Reception, which is coming up February 25, 2016. You can register online at www.ElistedRecognition.com .  If you are interested in joining together with the Chamber of Commerce to help bridge the gap between Oceanside and Camp Pendleton please come to the next Military Affairs Committee meeting!
Emily Crisman and Nina Fletcher
Dell Computers Military Outreach

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BGCO Website AFTER Redesign
by Lisa Frost, Amazeinc

Based on more than 15 years experience helping hundreds of companies redesign their websites, we've seen redesigns that were immensely successful, while a few simply failed. We’ve compiled 5 keys for a successful website redesign in order to help others improve their redesign results. Keep in mind there are many factors to consider, but with these basic principles in place the odds of success increase significantly.
First let's look at WHY you might want to redesign your website. The most important reasons to redesign are:

  • Your website design is outdated and not mobile responsive.
  • Your website content is incorrect, changed or missing important information.
  • Your website does not have a competitive advantage in your marketplace.
  • Your website performance is sub-par, produces errors and/or is not effective at converting prospects.
BGCO Website BEFORE Redesign
Case Study:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside (BGCO) - http://bgcoceanside.org/
CASE STUDY NOTE: When the BGCO first contacted us their website suffered from all of the above. Below are BEFORE and AFTER screen shots of the BGCO website, followed by BEFORE and AFTER Website analysis Reports.
KEY #1: Effective Development Team.
All great redesigns start with combining the client's in-depth knowledge of their industry and USP with internet marketing expert knowledge in online best practices, a creative content developer (graphics, video, etc) and an organizer/coordinator to keep everyone on the team updated, accountable and on track. A project that does not have all of these team resources will likely suffer with less than effective results. While some team members can be responsible for multiple tasks, not all tasks can be handled by one person. At least not very well.
CASE STUDY NOTE: Our BGCO Team included the in-house Project Lead, Alexa Morr, Marketing/Public Relations for BGCO, as well as other key staff and leaders at BGCO, who provided valuable input on the goals and priorities for their website. Our consultant team was comprised of technical, design and marketing experts selected for their particular area of specialization. While it would have been difficult and costly for BGCO to recruit and build their own internal website team, by partnering with Amazeinc, we were able to provide the full spectrum of expertise on an as needed basis only. Thereby reducing the cost, time and frustration for the BGCO. 

KEY #2: Determine Website Goals​
Clearly defined objectives with realistic expectations is crucial. Most websites fail because they don't have clear or realistic goals. If you can't compete against other huge players, then don't try! Find a smaller, niche market where you can effectively compete and plan to dominate that market and then you can expand your market based on past successes, rather than wishful thinking. Goals should also be measurable and supported with the necessary resources (time, budget, decision-making). If you are unsure or unwilling to contribute the resources needed for the project, or are unable to completely delegate to another person, it would be better to postpone the project until it can be fully supported.
CASE STUDY NOTE: BGCO had very realistic goals and priorities for their website. As a non-profit they worked with us to establish the most cost-effective plan, including a willingness to be flexible about what could be accomplished in the short term versus long term goals. This made it easier for the development team to focus on the priorities rather than a list of desired bells and whistles based upon random personal preferences. Unfortunately many website projects end up failing when clear goals are not established and followed from the start. The focus on core goals was definitely KEY to the effective completion of the BGCO website revamp.

KEY #3: Research: Competitive Analysis, Keyword and Marketplace
Typically you will learn more from this step than any other to position and target your website. Research helps define Keyword Priority, Calls to Action, SEO benchmarking, etc. Study your competition, not to simply copy them, but to gather ideas with the intent to adapt and improve upon what they are doing. Be smarter than your competition by learning everything you can about them. Benchmark your Current Status. Use analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to document where you are now as a baseline for measuring how much ROI your new website produces. Determine target audience. Learn from major players - large, established websites have invested in usability studies to understand what works, rather than just following whatever design is trendy. Learn from their examples and adopt tactics for your own site.
CASE STUDY NOTE: BGCO assisted in the review of all facets of research and provided insightful feedback that enabled us to laser-focus the website content to their Target Market. As a RESULT, within 60 days of launching their revamped website their Google Organic Search Rankings increased 53%, the number of Search Keywords increased from 201 to 626 and the overall site engagement (page views) increased 24%. Compared to the other BG Clubs we benchmarked during this same time period, who had little to no increase in their results, the BGCO now has among the HIGHEST SEO scores, which increased by 17 points from 65 to 82.

BEFORE: Website Analysis Score of 43, the LOWEST compared to any other Boys & Girls Clubs in the region
AFTER: Website Analysis Score of 54, the HIGHEST compared to any other Boys & Girls Clubs in the region
KEY # 4. Develop Targeted Content Strategy
Remember your redesign is not the end and ALWAYS target your audience. The primary goal of most websites is to convert visitors into customers. By demonstrating why your site provides the best solution for targeting your audience's needs, it will prompt visitors to take action as soon as possible. Your website is not about you. It's about your Target Audience. To succeed online, keep WIFM in mind! WIFM = What's in it for ME? That is the question every website visitor wants answered and you have about 8 seconds to EFFECTIVELY answer it. How well does your current website accomplish that goal? The first step is to PLAN UPDATES. Create a content plan and calendar and then work that plan, so your new site stays fresh and yields increasingly better results over time.
CASE STUDY NOTE: BGCO eagerly agreed to a content plan focused on their Target Audience. Then based on our review of their budget and time frames we established a content plan strategy that addressed their immediate needs, while including the long term content growth into the new design structure. Thereby saving them the cost of developing all desired content within the initial re-launch, while ensuring an easy to expand navigational format for the long term content.

KEY # 5. Plan for Long Term Growth 
Most important KEY! Budget for website marketing and ongoing optimization. Do not simply set it and forget it! A website without a long term marketing plan is usually a very lonely place. Make sure you are the POPULAR website that everyone wants to visit! Sadly many website owners do not promote their online presence because they either don't know how or had a bad experience and are now convinced that internet marketing "does not work for us". The FACT is, website marketing is THE most cost-effective type of marketing and if it is not yours, then don't give up, because it CAN be the best investment any business makes in their growth strategy.

CASE STUDY NOTE: The initial continuous improvement plan established for BGCO includes a range of long term growth tactics including; Content expansion for the website, Ad Campaign optimization, enhanced Social media marketing integration and targeted Landing pages for special events, news, etc. Since launching the revamped website at the end of August, we focused on testing and measuring results during September and now in October we have begun reviewing and modifying the initial plan and Action Items based on actual results.
SUMMARY: Deciding to redo your website requires an investment in both time and money. Follow these 5 Keys to reduce confusion and frustration while maximizing your return on investment. Keep in mind, there are many important factors in creating an effective internet presence. Make sure you take the time, make the plan, and invest the resources to ensure yours is a success!
FYI: Here's a few other QUICK TIPS to a successful website design:
1. KISS principle - Keep It Simple, Stupid! A website Home page should be clean, uncluttered, no flashing/blinking/busy content with well organized snippets of visually appealing content and more white space.
2. Calls To Action (CTA) on every page - TEST CTA response by placing them in varying positions on the page. Prompt visitors to Sign-up, Download, Schedule, View (use ACTION verbs).
3. Offer Multiple Media Content formats - By presenting content in different formats (Text, Images, Videos) you cater to people of all information styles and maximize potential visitor interaction.
4. Test everything! The website, marketing plan, advertising campaigns, social media channels, etc. Test it, Track it, Measure it, Adjust it... Repeat to Infinity!
5. Solid Technology Structure. Have your site built on a well-supported CMS like WordPress (no proprietary systems) and a choose a reliable hosting provider based on service, not price.
For more information, comments, questions, or to schedule a No Charge Website Analysis, visit our website at: http://amazeinc.com/. Or contact me through any of the channels below:
Lisa Frost

<![CDATA[Community Spotlight: Oceanside Lifeguard Blake Faumuina]]>Fri, 13 Nov 2015 16:12:31 GMThttp://www.oceansidechamber.com/occ-blog/community-spotlight-oceanside-lifeguard-blake-faumuina
by Kristi Hawthorne, Oceanside Living Magazine
Lifeguarding in its purest form is the struggle against nature by one human endeavoring to save the life of another. Unknown
Blake Faumuina has always been around the water.  Growing up in Oceanside, he spent a good portion of his youth at the Marshall Street Pool and learned to swim at an early age.  Because he was such a talented swimmer Blake was recruited to join the Oceanside Swim Club when he was just 7 years old.  However, as he recalls, he first turned down the invitation.  “Hey kid, do you want to join the swim club?” Then came an offer few kids could resist:  “Well, we throw candy in the pool every Friday and you dive for it.”  To that, Blake responded with:  “Free candy? I will swim all you want.”  He hasn’t stopped swimming since, and his love of the water has never waned.
Growing up in the aquatics community is like being part of a large family, Blake explained. As a young boy and teenager, he grew up with the kids on the swim team, many of whom also became lifeguards.  He has fond memories of his instructor Cheryl Clark and his coach Dave Wilcox.  The Marshall Street Pool in South Oceanside was the springboard to his career and indelibly shaped his life.
Growing up in the Fire Mountain neighborhood, Blake attended Palmquist Elementary and Lincoln Junior High, as it was then called.  He went to El Camino High School and graduated in 1996.
Blake broke all but two swim records during his time at El Camino High.  The records he broke belonged to the senior lifeguards, which he admits was intimidating, especially when the records were previously held by his boss, Lifeguard Captain Bill Curtis.
He began beach lifeguarding part time after he graduated high school. He still remembers his first rescue at the Harbor Beach from Tower 14:  A high school student from Rancho Buena Vista was caught in a rip current.  Blake and his lieutenant both spotted the struggling swimmer, when the senior lifeguard said to Blake, “Are you going to go?”  Blake immediately jumped in the ocean and swam as hard as he could.  Asked if he was afraid, Blake said “the training kicks in and focuses your fear” but he never forgets that his job is to guard life every day.
He received a partial scholarship to UCSB and went to school to pursue a career as a marine biologist.  However, Blake found that sitting in the classroom was not where he wanted to be and came back home to Oceanside.  He continued lifeguarding and in 2002 was hired full time.  In 2013 he was promoted to lieutenant.
Blake’s father Larry Faumuina was from Samoa and came here with his family in the 1950s.  Larry had a 20 year career with the Oceanside Police Department and was Oceanside’s first Samoan Police Officer. 
Blake spent two summers in Samoa as a teenager. He said it was a good experience and in Samoa “no one is depressed or stressed out”; people are happy and their priorities are different.  However, he always missed Oceanside. He emphasized that he didn’t miss California, he just missed Oceanside.  “It’s the mix, there are so many types of people, different walks of life,” Blake explained. He loves the variety in Oceanside and it’s where he feels most comfortable.  
Lifeguarding Oceanside’s beaches is rarely boring. They protect 3.7 miles of beach, from the north jetty to the Buena Vista Lagoon, including St. Malo.  Blake says the slow days are the worst days, but the busy days are the best.  On a busy day they will do 300 rescues. The “season” typically begins Memorial Day and ends Labor Day, but as Oceanside becomes more popular as a destination spot the season is much longer, nearly year round.
“I love this job,” Blake said of his lifelong career.  He’ll stay “as long as they’ll have me.” Blake loves his job so much when he retires he wants to continue working part time, doing what else: lifeguarding.
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by Lori Lawson,

Today I reread an article that appeared in the AARP magazine about a year ago.  I was preparing for a presentation I’m about to give and wanted to use the information as an example.  It impacted me today with the same dismay that it did when I first read it.  It always amazes me how effortless it is for some people to destroy another person’s life for their own selfishness.  This is Helen’s story, but how easily it could be one of ours. 

Helen Anderson is an aunt.  And according to her niece, Samantha, she’s a really nice person, which is why when Samantha house sat for Helen, it didn’t seem to be a big deal to invite a friend to stay with her for a few days.  What Samantha didn’t know at the time was that her friend Alice was in business.  That business was in stealing identities and she just got lucky.  Spending a few days in the home of a retired nurse gave her access to countless receipts, unopened mail and a long history of great credit. 
In those few days Alice got enough information to resurrect many of Helen’s old credit cards by reporting the cards stolen, thus getting new numbers and reactivating the accounts.  She got Helen’s Social Security number from a new Medicare card that had come in the mail and had a very authentic looking driver’s license made with her own picture on it.  One of the more unsettling things about our Social Security numbers is that our number is not tied to gender, age or race so a twenty-something Alice could easily assume the identity of sixty-something Helen.   And once Alice got the IDs, she did just that.   

Alice was so good she could walk into retailers and charge items on Helen’s accounts without even having possession of the card.  She would pay down the balances on Helen’s accounts by writing bad checks from other victim’s checking accounts.  Alice knew it would take about a month for the bank to catch on and by then, she would have moved on.  When Alice found a loophole in the Credit Union Helen belonged to, she emptied the account.  She used Helen’s equity in her home to secure a loan she had no intention of paying back. 

Eventually Helen discovered the empty Credit Union account and she filed a fraud affidavit.  Fortunately her funds were restored by her Credit Union.  It’s typical that financial institutions bear the burden of restoring funds in these cases.  A few days later, Wells Fargo called asking if she had just made $5,000 in charges on a credit card she rarely used.  The obvious answer for Helen was, “No!” 

Alice carried on as Helen for seven months.   She found Helen’s mother’s date of birth online and was able to reactivate accounts and change the security questions for her own use, locking Helen out.  She registered for a credit-monitoring service and again gave her own answers to the required questions.  “Basically, the service designed to protect Helen is what gave me access to everything in her life,” Alice admitted after she was eventually caught.

Alice only served a little more than a year in jail.  Helen, on the other hand, is still mired in the mess that Alice created during that seven months.  Although Helen’s stolen funds have been restored, the tragedy for her is in the psychological damage that was inflicted and the sense of despair she felt that it would never end.  She feels vulnerable and compromised, never to be whole again.  She’s mired in a mountain of paperwork trying to get her records corrected and at times she has to fight to prove she is who she says she is.  She is also realistic in thinking this could happen again, “All of my information is out there.”

This is one story in over 16 million a year in the United States.  There are steps you can take, but the world in which we now live prevents us from being truly safe from identity theft.  Here are at least five must do’s.  How many of them do you practice?
1.  Never leave personal information in your car
2.  Shred all documents that contain personal information
3.  Use pass codes on your devices:  Computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet
4.  Create strong passwords for your accounts and change them routinely
5.  Check your bank and credit card accounts regularly
It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when.”
Lori Lawson is a LegalShield Senior Director and is an ID Shield specialist.  Her company, New Line Associates is located at 2111 El Camino Real here in Oceanside.  Visit their website at newlineassociates.com
<![CDATA[ Information Governance Fundamentals]]>Fri, 06 Nov 2015 18:47:56 GMThttp://www.oceansidechamber.com/occ-blog/-information-governance-fundamentals
by Isabella Janovick, Marketing  Manager, Anacomp, Inc.

Information Governance are the “activities and technologies that organizations employ to maximize the value of their information while minimizing associated risks and tasks. This includes the use of automated policies to classify content and to keep control of the information by managing access and migrating good, useful content to retain for in an archive.  ” Or, in other words, “Getting Your House in Order.”

The need for InfoGov is becoming more of a necessity as digital data is growing and moving beyond the enterprise and business value and risk is often unknown and unmanaged. Sharing information with partners and suppliers has now become routine, along with social networking and mobile access. These factors are causing a risk of security breach and aiding to the growth of data loss.
Benefits of Information Governance
Information Governance is a subset of corporate governance. It has three main focuses for solutions, which are to manage risk, reduce costs and to maximize the business benefit. InfoGov should be flexible enough to provide proper control without limiting corporate responsiveness, is strategic verses tactical, and includes information lifecycle governance.

Managing Email Records
Email is the most common business application. 80% of all employees send business emails to and from their personal, unsecure accounts. Email policies need to be updated within each business structure, enforced, and audited on a regular basis. These policies should be realistic and may need additional technologies to automate and control. Retention of email and other e-records is ultimately a legal issue. 

Social Media
Social media is considered a record if it contains evidence of an agency’s policies, business, mission, etc. It is viral, network-based and ever changing. The file sharing and storage is not secure and poses risks to the business records and the content is usually not managed well. However, having a social media presence is important for marketing, attracting not only new clients, but employees as well. It creates a competitive position and calculates a new type of ROI with social selling techniques and campaigns.

Mobile Devices
By 2016, 40% of the workplace will be mobile and 2/3 will be using smartphones. Viruses are getting harder to detect and remove, fraud is more common and users are unaware that they are being monitored. Awareness and education is the key against cybercriminals. Mobile Device Management (MDM) encourages the importance of removing confidential information off of mobile devices and to encrypt sensitive data.

Information Governance Initiative
The Information Governance Initiative (IGI) is an organization dedicated to the adoption of IG best practices, technologies, research and networking. The IGI website contains free information on benchmarking surveys, studies, publications and guidance for records managers and other practitioners, on compliance, security and eDiscovery. IGI includes an advisory board and leadership team consisting of senior professionals and industry experts with a cross-disciplinary focus on IG. To learn more about IGI, please visit their website at http://iginitiative.com/
<![CDATA[A Few reasons to consult a professional before selecting a senior care community]]>Fri, 06 Nov 2015 00:01:22 GMThttp://www.oceansidechamber.com/occ-blog/a-few-reasons-to-consult-a-professional-before-selecting-a-senior-care-community
               Here are just a few reasons why it is smart to consult with
               a professional before you a select a Senior Care Community.
Did you know that all facilities are not licensed and if you need care, you may have to move or hire your own caregiver?

Be sure that the community you select can take care of you or a loved one if your needs change. Do they accept people with dementia or on hospice care? Moving twice is stressful for you and your loved one.

Be sure to consult an expert to assist you with the fine print in the facilities Admissions Agreement.  It is important to review their policies and procedures. Be sure to read and receive a copy of everything that you have signed. 
All Residential Care for the Elderly communities even though they are licensed by the Department of Social Services not all are following the regulations.  An experienced senior living consultant knows the regulations inside and out.

Be careful of anyone giving you advice over the phone.  Be sure to ask about their background and training.  Did you know that you can be a Certified Senior Advisor with very little training and experience? 

I advise people to visit communities a few times before making a decision, pop in unannounced and then how are you treated? After 30 years of working in communities Cathy can tell whether a community is staffed properly and Cathy will give you the tools to ask your own questions.
Contact us for some tips about what to look for on your tour and how to check out the communities inspection records online.

There are many wonderful communities that are doing everything right, but there are some facilities that need to step up their game.

Here’s a link to my video with more helpful hints.     http://youtu.be/XaLg-ZJjlxU

Our service is NO COST to you, we are paid by the care facility if a placement should occur. We are here to help you make an educated decision about Senior Care Options. http://www.seniorcareoptions.org
Cathy and Mike Ellis 760-696-3542
<![CDATA[​Oceanside Emerging Issues November 2015 – are you in the know?]]>Thu, 05 Nov 2015 17:47:54 GMThttp://www.oceansidechamber.com/occ-blog/oceanside-emerging-issues-november-2015-are-you-in-the-know
 by Amber Ter-Vrugt
Healthcare coverage is a big issue for small business
The Emerging issues joined the Californians United coalition to support the Medi-Cal Funding and Accountability Act. For more information about state-wide healthcare issues affecting you check out the California Hospital Association’s website… http://www.calhospital.org/legislation-advocacy
Concerned with Vagrant Criminal Activity? We are!
The City of Oceanside, the Chamber, Main Street Oceanside and other key players are working collaboratively to address the vagrancy issue.  Call Gumaro at Main Street Oceanside for more detail.
Interested in City stuff??
The City is starting to look at updating their general plan, but the council needs to hear from the business community to enforce that this needs to be a priority. Updating a general plan for any municipality poses the threat of a long, expensive, egregious process.  But it’s critical for the vision and future development of the City of Oceanside.  The City could get some great projects if the land use element and zoning codes were updated …

Emerging Issues Committee recommended that the Chamber send a letter to the City of Oceanside encouraging the City to make the land use element and zoning code updates a high priority.
Legislative tid-bits for your reading pleasure...
What’s happening in California?
The Legislative Analyst’s Office provides non-partisan great data on pending legislation… read LAO reports!!
Dec. 2, 4-6pm open house at Senator Bates new office in Encinitas
Get ready for split role tax initiatives on the ballot; are you TOTALLY confused about split role tax??? You’re not alone, go to the Senator’s open house and ask her about it!
The school districts are suing SDG&E because their rates have gone up and they can’t afford the increases because they have no reserves. 
What’s happening in Oceanside?
They are cleaning out the San Luis Rey River so that we don’t have to ‘build and ark’… direct quote from the Deputy Mayor’s office!
The City is considering water rate increases, if you have concerns attend the next council meeting… on average, rates could be around 18.9%...
Election season AKA: character assassination has begun!
Councilmember Kern is part of a group looking at economic impacts of closing San Onofre, they need DOE to take control of the fuel to move it to Texas...
Council voted 5-0 to have servers that serve alcohol get training…
Journalist Roundtable on KOCT tonight at 6pm will feature Senator Bates and then Tri-City CEO Tim Moran...

Stay tuned for a shuttle in down town Oceanside in spring or summer of 2016…
<![CDATA[Classic Chariots: Commitment to Community]]>Fri, 30 Oct 2015 19:41:15 GMThttp://www.oceansidechamber.com/occ-blog/classic-chariots-commitment-to-community
by Emily Crisman
Located right off the 78, on the corner of Grapevine Road and West Vista Way you will find the used car dealership, Classic Chariots. Known in the community for its dependable, affordable, serviced, pre-owned cars and trustworthy employees. Classic Chariot’s most frequent customer comes from locals in the Tri-City area. Their loyal customers speak volumes to the commitment Classic Chariots has made to serving and being immersed in the Tri-City community.
Classic Chariot’s Founder and CEO, Mehdi Chitgari is a visionary with honorable character who has forged a new path in the car dealership industry. Classic Chariots is involved with the Oceanside Chamber, Vista Chamber, and the Navy League. Mehdi served as the president of the Navy League for two years, and is currently a board member. He is also the vice president of the Independent Automobile Dealers Association of California. Apart from titles, Classic Chariots participates in the local elementary schools, prizing winners of essay contests, and providing families with Thanksgiving dinner. ​
As a military spouse, I was most blown away by Mehdi’s involvement with the Military on and off Camp Pendleton.  A retired marine presents on behalf of Classic Chariots to young marines at Camp Pendleton to educate them on the process of car buying. In addition Mehdi has countlessly, personally helped young marines who were buried in a car, or had other car troubles. It is evident that Mehdi and Classic Chariots truly care about their customers and fellow community members. 
If you are looking to buy a car, I highly recommend visiting Classic Chariots in Vista, CA! Visit www.classicchariots.net for more information.
Emily Crisman
Military Spouse
Dell Military Representative
<![CDATA[​Let Them Eat Candy!]]>Wed, 28 Oct 2015 23:43:16 GMThttp://www.oceansidechamber.com/occ-blog/let-them-eat-candy
by Carrie Chacon

I’m so happy the days of trick-or-treating are almost over! I have loved every single goofy costume my kids have created.  I have loved the build up to candy fest, and I have loved the sorting and trading that goes down post-trick or treating.

The word lovED! Is important here. It is okay to let go of past loves which for me means letting go of trick-or-treating, because now my kids wear miss matched shoes and a wig and think they are dressed up. They head out the door get the loot, sort the loot, then eat the loot like mad, before I can come to my senses (or put down my wine glass) and bring the madness to a scratching halt. But there was a time I truly lovED Halloween—when I was a kid and I was tick-or-treating. Big Sigh… sure do miss that!
But now here I am a full-fledged grown up, at least on paper, and I have to remember I’m in charge of my little human beings. My plan of attack this Halloween? Pretty standard, make sure kids are fed (Chili is always served), make sure they are hydrated, go over the street rules, the “being nice to little kids” rule and the “always say thank you” rule. Not too much has changed in our Halloween prep. What has changed? They feed themselves, and their costumes are kind of lame.

Do I have candy rules? Let them eat, let them eat until they puke! I’ve done some very acute research on this (aka my kids!), and if you let them eat and eat and eat their candy until they roll onto their belly-aching sides… they will want candy no more. Actually they will want candy, but not gobs and gobs of it. Sick and sore bellies leave much more of an impression then a screaming crazy mama.

Of course, now we have a blood sugar roller coaster, but that’s to be expected. I’m not surprised by the vacant, I can’t think look in their eyes. Now from this point forward, I do have some loose post-Halloween Candy rules.

Here are some Big Don’ts when it comes to candy eating.
  1. Candy eating time should NOT happen when kids get home from school. They are cranky, hungry and need to focus on homework. I strangely feel that candy eating should be done before dinner. Wait, don’t un-friend me! Think about this. They get home from school, have a healthy snack, get homework done, then maybe a few hours to kill. This is the candy time.. .because dinner is right around the corner, and you are helping their little bodies regulate that blood sugar with healthy foods. I will confess there is NO science to back my theory up. I just know it works in our home.
  2. Candy should not be eaten before bed. You know this but had to say it.
  3. Candy absolutely should not be sent to school. My gosh! Please do not, I repeat DO NOT do this. Feed your little ones candy at home. No need to share.
  4. *Kind of a don’t but I do, do this sometimes. Eat candy in the morning. I know! But for ME, what feels okay in the SNAC shack is sometimes a piece of candy at breakfast, with their food. Love it or hate it. I’m here to tell you what goes down in our pad.
You know and I know there are healthy ways to enjoy Halloween. And a quick search will give you a billion ideas. I can’t compete with Pinterist. But I can be honest with you. And talk to you about real homes, real lives, real kiddos, and real candy dilemmas.  I want my kids look back at Halloween and think Wow! That was so fun. Did mom seriously let us eat that much candy? I think that every year! Wow!! Did my mom really let me that much candy?! Halloween was the best!  And any blog telling you about ‘healthy candy’… phaaaalllleeeeezzz, be suspicious! Candy is candy. Don’t sugar coat it (ha!) call it what it is.
To a candy-filled Halloween~ 

Carrie Chacon,
Certified Clinical Nutritionist 
Owner of SNAC (simple, nourishing, affordable, cooking) pragmas and classes.
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