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Written by: Isabella Janovick
Photos by: Kyle Janovick
During our nice holiday break my husband and I were in search of some new restaurants that would complement his meat-lovers diet and my vegetarian one. Sometimes it is hard to find a restaurant that will satisfy both needs, but with all these new places popping up in Oceanside, it is becoming easier. I myself am a big wino and a craft beer snob. I had heard the name Barrel Republic, but I didn't really know anything about their menu or setup. Just the word "barrel", which could refer to beer or wine, caught my attention and we gave it a go.
When we walked in we were greeted and asked for a credit card. I gave a confusing look since this is not the typical hello one receives when entering a restaurant. The host than further explained that every patron obtains a wristband to wear that has a chip in it which turns on the beer and wine valves. Once a valve is turned on, your pour, no matter what size, is measured and totaled at the end of your visit. Hmm, interesting concept. 
We sat at a table and like a kid in a frozen yogurt shop, I walked around several times reading the beer and wine labels and descriptions until I finally chose my first beer. The food part was kind of confusing similar to our greeting at the door. We waited a while for a server to come up to us. It almost felt like there should be a window that you go up to if you want to order food instead of being served, but maybe we just went at an off time or an off day. 
My husband ordered the bacon wrapped pork belly as an appetizer, (typical meat eater) and I ordered the spicy butternut mac and cheese. Our main dishes were the barrel burger and the wild mushroom garbanzo burger. Although the appetizers were tasty, they were both very rich and made to be shared by a group, rather just 1 or 2 people. 

The mac and cheese definitely had a kick of heat to it, which I appreciated, and the kale and almonds added a nice touch. The burgers on the other hand were of perfect size and absolutely amazing! The presentation of the meals was top notch, the ingredients were fresh and we ate every darn bite. I paired my meal with a few different beers while my designated driver stuck to soda. Having eaten various different types of "veggie" burgers I was very impressed with the patty's moistness, flavor and how they used greek yogurt instead of an unhealthy mayo.

Besides the confusion on entering and ordering food, the Barrel Republic is definitely a place I would recommend to others and go back to again. There are a few other items I would love to try, and of course the many beers on tap as well. It is nice to have so many local brewery options in one establishment and even better that you can have "tasters" instead of committing to an entire pint.

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First National Bank on 2nd and Hill Streets, where Chamber held its meetings
by Kristi Hawthorne

The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce celebrates its 120th year and is the longest running business in our city.  Established in 1896, the Chamber’s influence and impact has played an important role in the promotion, tourism and business development of Oceanside. Reading through the roll call of past presidents is walking along a historic timeline and a virtual listing of the movers and shakers in the community and those who helped to build and shape the City and promote it a variety of ways. 
The Oceanside Chamber worked in conjunction with the City Council (or City Trustees as they were called years ago).  It was involved in everything from life-saving equipment on the beach, to tree planting, to rebuilding each new pier, beautification of the city, to cemetery upkeep, putting on parades, fireworks and beauty contests, along with catchy slogans promoting the city. 
Leading businessmen met at the South Pacific Hotel on May 8, 1896 to discuss the formation of a business organization to promote the city. The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce was established with Joseph Lewis Sharp, a member of the City Trustees, appointed as the Chamber’s first president.  One of the first accomplishments was submitting promotional material to be published in a popular magazine of the time "Land of Sunshine" and ordering 6,500 leaflets advertising Oceanside as a summer resort and delivered to inland areas as well as Arizona and New Mexico.
PictureDr Ygnacio Carrillo Chamber president 1927
In 1903 Thomas C. Exton was elected President of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. Exton was a prominent businessman and was co-owner of the Exton and Nichols Drug Store. Exton worked “tirelessly” to promote Oceanside and was instrumental in the planting of palm trees along Hill Street, as well as and many other species of trees that beautify the city.  He also served on the City Trustees for several years and helped to establish the Oceanside Building and Loan Association.
In 1913 the Oceanside Chamber ran a slogan contest and asked folks to send in their suggestions, the prize being $3.00.  The winner was Mrs. Hugh Bradley with a not so catchy phrase:  “Oceanside, Twixt Vale and Tide.”
Over the years the Oceanside Chamber has used many slogans to advertise and promote the city including "Oceanside, California's Best Kept Secret"; "City of Opportunity"; "Your Host on the Pacific Coast" and “Oceanside, the Gateway to San Diego”.

One of Oceanside’s early slogans “The Carnation City” and in 1915 the advertising committee of the Chamber of Commerce arranged for a display of 100 carnations to be delivered each Wednesday to the San Diego Chamber of Commerce with a card reading, "Carnations from Oceanside, the Carnation City. 
Also that year, the Chamber of Commerce paid to help promote Oceanside by hiring the Great Western Film Co. to film various parts of the city that were “destined to play a prominent part in advertising Oceanside.” Views included interior and exterior scenes at the Mission San Luis Rey on Easter, a bathing scene on the beach at Oceanside, the tennis court, El San Luis Rey hotel and downtown.  
In 1917 members of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce came up with an answer to Escondido’s popular Grape Day.  Our city celebrated Bean Day.  Lima beans were a plentiful crop which was grown in and around Oceanside, the San Luis Rey Valley and Rancho Santa Margarita.  The celebration was held September 17th near the pier.  The committee of 11 people had the daunting task of providing and serving free food on the beach for over 2,000 people.
The Oceanside Chamber managed Tent City in 1920 to help accommodate tourists who would summer at the beach.  Tent City was located on the 600 block of North Strand. Later that year they purchased a site for a public auto park and sited a constant demand due “to the immense auto travel through the city” 
John Franklin Martin, an Oceanside resident since 1901 was president of the Chamber in 1922.  During his term as President the Chamber held another slogan contest.  They chose the phrase "Oceanside, California's Pride" which was “to be used on all advertising literature on business stationery and in every way utilized to spread the advantages of Oceanside broadcast to the world.”
Guy Wisdom was Chamber president the following year in 1923.  During his tenure the chamber adopted the slogan, “Oceanside, Where Life is Worth Living.”
E. A. Walsh took the office of Chamber president in 1925 and that year, along with the city office and public library, the chamber moved into new quarters in the I.O.O.F. building on Second Street.  The city was focused was on building a new pier and  the Oceanside Chamber spearheaded efforts to gather 400 signatures for petition calling for an election to vote on the issuing of bonds for $100,000 for a new pier and improvements on the beach were filed with the city council last night. 
Ygnacio R. Carrillo, brother of actor Leo Carrillo, was president of the Oceanside Chamber in 1927.  Carrillo was one of Oceanside’s early dentists and upon retirement, sold his practice to Dr. Melbourne and bought the bait shop at the end of the pier.  That same year Oceanside celebrated the building of its 4th pier.  After Oceanside’s 4th pier was built in 1927, the Oceanside Chamber announced the construction of a public dining room under the municipal pier.  This was a direct result of a chamber of commerce committee which collected pledges. 

PictureChamber implemented one of its most well-known slogans: “Tan Your Hide in Oceanside.”
In 1929 the Pier Swim began, which was originally sponsored by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce and continues to this day.
In 1931 Oceanside’s population was just over 3,500 and the Chamber welcomed Harold Beck as its newest President.  Harold Beck and his brother Paul were owners of the Oceanside-Blade Tribune and were big promoters of all things Oceanside. Paul Beck served as president of the chamber in 1934. 
During the Depression years the Chamber was instrumental in providing work projects for the unemployed.  Laborers were paid $2 a day on a six-day-a-week schedule and preference was given to men with families. Work included clearing and improving streets, alleys and sidewalks.
Under the direction of Chamber President Leo Mies in 1942, the chamber helped to secure a new Santa Fe Train Station for Oceanside and establish a municipal airport.  John Steiger of the Chamber Housing Committee urged home owners to rent rooms to military and civilian personnel based at Camp Pendleton to help relieve the housing shortage in November of that year.   The chamber also sponsored a victory garden in response to the war effort.
In 1947 the Chamber had a membership of 302 active members and moved its location to the USO building (formerly Borden’s Department Store) at the corner of Tremont Street and Third (now Pier View Way).  Howard Butler served as Chamber president from 1946 to 1947.
Gene Geil served as president of the chamber in 1953 and during that time the new highway was of utmost importance and the impact on the business district.  By April the freeway was open from the San Luis Rey river bridge to Mission Avenue. The chamber reported at the end of the year that Hill Street traffic was down 25 percent. Also that year, the Chamber moved into its new home at 510 Fourth Street. The catch-phrase that year was “Oceanside, Where the Mercury Never Goes Crazy.”
In 1954 the Chamber advertised Oceanside as a “Riviera in California.”  Half page spreads detailing the history and amenities of our city were published as far away as New York.
Robert Coon served as President of the Chamber in 1959 and one of the many issues the Chamber focused on was downtown parking. Dean Howe, Chamber representative at City Council meetings, helped to bring about a bond issue to purchase four lots that were then used to help alleviate, but not solve, the downtown parking problem.
In 1960 the Oceanside Junior Chamber of Commerce sponsored the first Harbor Days – even before the Harbor existed at the Del Mar Boat Basin. The Mayflower II, the only U.S. commercial blimp, owned by Goodyear Tire, floated over Oceanside on the evening before the Harbor Days illuminated a 10-foot high message publicizing the event, it was announced today. The Oceanside Chamber held a Harbor Bond Day seeking one thousand Oceansiders to contribute $1 each for purchase of the first $1,000 bond in the $4 ½ million bond issue to finance harbor construction.
During that time the Chamber implemented one of its most well-known slogans:  “Tan Your Hide in Oceanside.”  This slogan was on bumper stickers, letterhead and billboards. While it fell out of vogue in the 1980s, this vintage slogan and 60s artwork is now considered retro. The Chamber reintroduced it to help celebrate the city’s 125th anniversary to the delight of long-time residents and locals.
In 1966 John Steiger served as President of the chamber and under his leadership the chamber sponsored a citywide Clean-up Campaign, distributed 5,000 “Take Pride in Oceanside” bumper stickers, implemented “Try Oceanside First” and that year’s Independence Day parade was the biggest in the city’s history.

Mary Steiger became the chamber’s first woman president in 1977 and started publication of the first monthly Chamber of Commerce newsletter. Mary invited the commandant of the Marine Corps General Lou Wilson to address the chamber at a sold-out event. On another occasion Steiger invited Senator Alan Cranston, the majority speaker for Congress, to a chamber breakfast, another sold-out event.
In 1988 Marva Bledsoe became President of the Chamber and during her tenure marked another important milestone. Doctor Hoskins’ building was moved from its original location on Third Street to 928 North Hill (now Coast Highway). This building served as both the chamber office as well as the Visitor’s Center. The new slogan implemented by the Chamber was “Oceanside, the Wave of Tomorrow.”
In response to 9/11 the Oceanside Chamber helped to establish “Operation Appreciation” in 2002. This event is in its 15th year and is specifically geared toward active duty military and their families. Held on Armed Forces Day, military service members are treated to free food, entertainment and carnival rides. 
In 2003 a new chamber building designed by local architect Ken Chriss and was built directly across the parking lot from the Visitor Center on Coast Highway.  Jerry Kern served as president and that year the chamber rented a billboard west of Interstate 5 just north of the Coast High that read "Oceanside...Take a closer look." 
Today, with Marva Bledsoe reelected as Chair, the Oceanside Chamber continues a military outreach with our Military Affairs Committee and two events:  Operation Appreciation on Armed Forces Day, an Enlisted Recognition Reception. Opportunities to promote North County businesses and chamber members include the Business Expo, North County Health Fair and the Senior Expo.  A tradition for over 50 years, the Oceanside Chamber proudly presents Oceanside Harbor Days every September, one of Oceanside’s largest events showcasing our beautiful small-craft harbor.

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by: Isabella Janovick - Anacomp, Inc.

Although the total elimination of paper may not be practical for every business, even a small reduction may yield cost savings, increase efficiency and improve the security of documents. A paperless environment, whether it be a startup company or a developed, well-established corporation with policies and procedures, will always be beneficial to the company. Below are some benefits of having a paperless environment with the use of document management software, which includes a central document repository, process consistency and integration with additional business solutions.
Data Security
There should always be a concern about privacy and data protection. Paper documents are not as secure as one might think. It is pretty simple to access files in an office, even if file cabinets are locked and paper shredders are used. In a paperless environment, you can add several levels of digital security to keep unauthorized people from seeing sensitive material at different folder and file levels. For example, managers may have the permissions to read, write, modify and delete certain files while the staff under that manager may have read permissions only. Users without any assigned permissions on the file cannot access it at all.
A good data security system should also incorporate a tracking history to see who and when a document was accessed. Proper security privileges and procedures can help a business establish compliance requirements and avoid possible legal hassles.
Document Repository
The ability to quickly locate and disperse information may enhance your company's efficiency and professional image. Spending time hunting through piles of paper slows down response time whereas with a digital document management system one can find files with just a few keystrokes. On average, office staff spend about one hour per month searching for and replacing files. By scanning electronic copies of receipts, invoices, applications, etc, documents can be sorted, filed, and organized for quick retrieval and without delay.
In a cloud based document management system, a central repository is a database that can be accessed by multiple users from anywhere, at any time and on any device. Not only are files easier to access, but also free up valuable space in an office without the need of cluttered cabinets and paper stacks.  These systems also provide highly secure, permissions based access that can prevent unauthorized access and do not require capital investment in hardware and software.
Cost Savings
The savings of going paperless extends beyond just the cost of the paper, which can be substantial. Printing costs can include toner, ink, printers and their maintenance. By eliminating printing, a company can save $500 per person per year in these supplies. Photocopier costs can also be very expensive to purchase and maintain. By going paperless, employees can access and edit digital documents then electronically send to others or save it for future use. Stored documents can also be accessed simultaneously, omitting the use of multiple copies.  Storage of paper files can take up so much space in an office that sometimes additional storage facilities are used. With a paperless approach, no storage facility fees are necessary and can be a dramatic cost savings for a company.
Automatic Backups
Approximately 7% of all paper documents get lost or misfiled. A secure and backed up paperless organization minimizes the risk of losing or misplacing important files. Data can be saved in a cloud-based system where automatic backups take place on a pre-scheduled basis, which eliminates the need to set aside time for manual backups. Furthermore, if a disaster such as a fire or water damage occurs, digital documents can be recovered whereas paper documents could be gone permanently.
Environmental Friendliness
Even though businesses are seeking to recycle, office copy paper alone still accounts for over 20 percent of the total paper usage in the United States, according to the Environmental Paper Network.  Not only does a paperless company include the reduction of paper production, but also less energy consumption such as the manufacturing and use of printers, faxes and copiers. Additional energy reductions could include the process of pulp and paper, fuel use by air, rail and road transportation in distributing reams of paper and fuel use from seining paper documents via ground or air courier services.
Software technologies such as document management, secure backup and online storage can tremendously reduce the production of paper and the energies used to manufacture and distribute it. Being paperless and environmentally friendly is a positive revolution to the digital and mobile computing solution for any business to become more efficient, save money, transport, secure and archive data. 
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Colleen Foster Provides Chamber Members Info on Oceanside's Zero Waste Programs
by Amber Ter-Vrugt
Texas Roadhouse coming to Oceanside!
Like steak? Like ribs? Like ice cold beer? Like Peanuts? If so, come June, you’re going to be a happy camper…. ! Pay attention to the old Spoons location … Texas Road house is scraping it and building a new restaurant.
Zero Waste in Oceanside… we’re on our way! What’s next? Single Use Bag Ban coming this year…
Want more information … January 25th the City will be hosting a business, sustainability and policy workshop at Privateer at 6pm… or, if you can’t make it, contact Colleen Foster at 760-435-5021 cfoster@ci.oceansde.ca.us
Interesting tidbits from Colleen…
  • Today Oceanside is at a 77% recycling rate! That’s a direct result of businesses and schools getting involved!
  • California generates about 19 million single use plastic bags!
  • Single use plastic bags do not bio degrade.
  • Single use bags are the 5th most commonly found littered item because of their lightweight makeup.
  • Plastic bag materials are now being found in our food supply because marine life consumes plastic bags that make it into waterways. 
  • What about ziplock bags? Those are not biodegradable, or recyclable… but they would not be part of an ordinance in Oceanside at this time
  • Patio decking is the only area where single use bags can be reused / recycled, but that’s such a narrow market that only %5 of single use plastic bags are actually recycled and reused .
  • 145 cities / counties have passed a single use plastic bag ban.
Beer and Bragging….
This year the Oceanside Chamber is second in the nation for its social media program!
Legislative tid-bits for your reading pleasure...
What’s happening in the State?
The legislature just reconvened… this is the second year of the session, so the two-year bills are being heard now…
Our local legislators are pushing bills for hospital medical reimbursement…
Rumors are circulating regarding bills to increase minimum wage…
What’s happening in Oceanside?
Ocenaside passed a medical marijuana ordinance; the city will maintain local control over medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivation deliveries, etc.  Oceanside does not allow dispensaries…
Support Congressman Issa’s bill to move the spent fuel from San Onofre to Texas…
What’s happening at the County?
Rob Roberts is the new chair…
Toxic algae bloom caused my El Nino is affecting our local fisheries (Carlsbad Aquafarm)…
Accepting applications of the community enhancement grant application…
State of the North County in March... stay tuned!
What’s happening at SANDAG?
SANDAG scheduled three teleconference meetings to gain input on how we about another sales tax increase. Thursday, January 28th is the north county coastal call for input…
<![CDATA[Zero Waste and the Future of Single Use Bags in Oceanside]]>Tue, 29 Dec 2015 23:56:37 GMThttp://www.oceansidechamber.com/occ-blog/zero-waste-and-the-future-of-single-use-bags-in-oceanside
The City of Oceanside is committed to waste diversion and recycling. Through this commitment, the City of Oceanside passed a Zero Waste Strategic Resource Management Plan in June of 2012. The Zero Waste Plan has allowed the City to implement programs and provide resources to the community that has increased the City’s diversion rate from 58%-71% in less than 3 years.  The Zero Waste Plan also outlines the implementation of policies that will minimize the use of single-use shopping bags. In line with this zero waste goal, the City of Oceanside is currently considering a Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance in Oceanside, and will be hosting a series of educational presentations for the public and business community during the month of January.  
Single-Use Bags are lightweight and cause a unique threat to our environment because they don’t biodegrade, pollute waterways, and cause costly damage to solid waste and recycling collection systems. Unlike other waste, these bags can travel long distances due to wind and poor confinement solutions in trash containers, thus ending up in our oceans and waterways. The average shopper uses 500 single-use bags a year with an estimated cost to California cities of $12 per resident to keep litter from ending up in our waterways.   In 2013, The Natural Resource Defense Council reported that the City of San Diego spent $14 million to prevent pollution caused from single-use bags alone.  

In response to this issue,  145 California Cities and Counties have passed some form of a Carryout Bag Ordinance. Residents of cities who have implemented single-use ordinances become more aware of the environmental impacts and increase their support for statewide action.  In order to ensure that the Oceanside community is immersed in the process, City of Oceanside staff will be providing a presentation and Q&A session at the Chamber of Commerce “Emerging Issues” meeting on Thursday, January 7th at 7:30am.  Any Oceanside business member is welcome to join this meeting.  

Additional and up to date information on zero waste and a potential single use bag ordinance information in Oceanside can be found at www.oceansiderecycles.org.  
<![CDATA[Oceanside Chamber Wants To Create Better Employees For Local Businesses]]>Mon, 21 Dec 2015 16:51:11 GMThttp://www.oceansidechamber.com/occ-blog/oceanside-chamber-wants-to-create-better-employees-for-local-businesses
by Marva Bledsoe, Business and Community Political Action Committee

In partnership with a Senior Experience Team from California State University San Marcos, the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce has recently explored the relationship
between educational institutions and the needs of the local business community.
The Chamber commissioned the three month project in order to gain new perspectives and insights on how to bridge the communication gap between educational institutions and businesses in Oceanside.  The goal of this project was to find out what local businesses have experienced with past and current employees and to analyze the traits these employees are lacking and that the business is looking for, and then to compare these needs to the type of education and training that educational institutions have provided to students or future employees.   
As a part of their research, the Senior Experience Team conducted a series of interviews and surveys with local businesses and educational institutions.  Based on their conclusions and recommendations, the Chamber will expand its programs to help solve the problems businesses are currently facing regarding new employees.
ConclusionsWhen analyzing the results of their research from the business perspective, the team concluded the following:
  • When businesses look to fill positions, they are most likely to take recommendations from current employees, because they have built a trust with them and believe they can make a difference in their company.  
  • Results also showed that companies used their own job websites to hire as well. Hiring this way builds better relationships and a more cohesive work environment.
  • For those who wanted to communicate with the local educational institutions for qualified candidates, they wished to do so through dedicated websites.  Some examples being: Oceanside Chamber job portal, or the career centers provided by school and universities.
  • Employers are only somewhat satisfied with new employees. This is because they are lacking soft skills (including interpersonal skills, managing people, leadership, and personal habits), team experience, and communication.
  • Schools recognize the need for soft skills and programs to enhance those skill sets. Some schools are doing their own research, as well as working with others to find out what employers need. Working with the Chamber and other businesses to find out what programs to implement is important to the success of the graduating students.
RecommendationsBusinesses stated that most potential employees are lacking soft skills, as well as teamwork experience and communications skills. The recommendations for addressing these needs are:
1)  The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce should host seminars and programs that emphasize training to better prepare students and professionals for the workforce. Networking events, communication workshops, as well as “how to” seminars are examples of programs that can aid in fulfilling these needs. These seminars can help improve communication skills as well as create experiences for students to work in teams.
2)  Local businesses are searching for well-qualified employees. These businesses wish to find potential candidates through dedicated websites. The Oceanside Chamber already has a dedicated job portal on their website; however businesses and schools are not aware of it. The Chamber must build better awareness of available resources through their webpage and promotional emails. The Chamber should improve the access to this page by making a clear, dedicated tab at the top of their landing page. The career centers at schools and universities should also be made aware of this webpage so that they can further promote job fairs, as well as student utilization of the webpage.
3) The Chamber should be the middle man to help break the communication barrier between schools and businesses. The impact the Chamber has on both communities can greatly help both sides and can aid in developing these necessary programs.  This is why it is vital to have a well functioning educational committee that understands what the needs are from both perspectives.
The final recommendation for the Oceanside Chamber is to utilize an educational committee. The committee should hold monthly meetings between the business community and educational institutions to create an open dialogue between the two. The committee should take a more active role in addressing any prevalent issues that arise during these discussions.   
Thanks to our Senior Experience Team-- Jennifer Constantian , Ashley Eppler, Liana
Gilkey,  Kyle Kuck and Jan Liwanag--for their professionalism and insights!
The Senior Experience Project at California State University San Marcos is a semester long project that pairs groups of five CSUSM College of Business students with a local business and a faculty advisor to work on consulting projects at the company’s request. The students are matched up with a company of their choosing to work on a project that interests them and exploits the skills learned in the College of Business. Businesses benefit by getting a consulting projects done at an inexpensive price and with fresh and new perspectives.  If you are interested in more information regarding a Senior Experience Project for you business, contact the University.
<![CDATA[‘tis the season.  Ho, Ho, what?!?]]>Tue, 15 Dec 2015 17:34:43 GMThttp://www.oceansidechamber.com/occ-blog/tis-the-season-ho-ho-what
by Lori Lawson
We’re in to the third week of December and Christmas is fast approaching.  We’re all getting into the holiday spirit and checking our lists.  Well, others are checking their lists, too, and surprise, surprise they also want a great Christmas.  The difference between them and the rest of us is that they steal their Christmas. 
Last week I was at a local public library at 4:30 in the afternoon.  In the space of 15 minutes an elderly woman had her purse stolen and a young man had his backpack stolen.  Both had their wallets in those belongings and in the case of the woman’s purse, she had her Medicare card in her wallet.  Do you know what’s on Medicare cards?  Social Security numbers…either the Social Security number of the beneficiary or their spouse.  It’s believed that there was only one thief in this instance and now that thief has two wallets with cash, credit cards, driver’s licenses, loyalty cards and in one case a Medicare card with the beneficiary’s Social Security number on it.  In that fifteen minutes those two lives were turned upside down and the thief hit the jackpot.  
This is the time of year when thieves of all shapes and sizes come out.  Although the organized, large scale identity theft groups hit year round, large numbers of petty thieves come out before the holidays.  This is when you need to be especially mindful of where your personal information is.  Do all the little things to keep it as safe as possible.  Shred junk mail, don’t leave personal information in your car, monitor your credit charges, and above all keep your eye on your belongings even in seemingly safe places like your public library.  Now will the personal information that was stolen from the two victims I just talked about end up in the hands of a true identity thief.  Hard to say.  Maybe he, it was established it was a he, just needed the cash and credit cards, but if he knows the value of the information he has, he’ll sell it and really clean up. 
Travelling during the holidays sets up its own unique set of circumstances, so if you’re heading out of town over the holidays, the following are some things to think about.  Do you fall into the “do” or “don’t” category when considering these precautions?   ​
Have a safe and happy holiday season.
Lori Lawson is an IDShield specialist.  Visit her website at newlineassociates.com. 
New Line Associates, 2111 El Camino Real, Oceanside, CA 92054.  lori@newlineassociates.com
<![CDATA[​Emerging Issues – are you in the know? December 3, 2015]]>Tue, 15 Dec 2015 15:48:44 GMThttp://www.oceansidechamber.com/occ-blog/emerging-issues-are-you-in-the-knowdecember-3-2015
by Amber Ter-Vrugt
Interesting findings from the CSUSM Senior Experience Project for the Oceanside Chamber…
CSUSM students surveyed Oceanside businesses and found out interesting information; including but not limited to, employers in Oceanside feel that in many cases new employees are lacking soft skills and trainability, Oceanside employers typically search from within and take recommendations from current employees when looking to fill positions, and employers look for employees at job fairs and on job websites.  So, what does that mean? Why is there such a deficit in soft skills? The research findings give us a great basis to create programs to support our business community.
Concerned with vagrant and homeless issues in downtown?
The homeless shelter has opened downtown and there’s a great deal of work being done to create long-term solutions for the city. 

Legislative tid-bits for your reading pleasure...
What’s happening in Washington? 
Will vote on Omnibus bill to fund the government before they leave for the holidays
A couple weeks ago the house voted on the highway transportation bill
Syrian refugees have been halted until the government can figure out a better way to vet them.
What’s happening in the State?
Prop 13 is safe this year because the focus will be to extend Prop 30 taxes…
What’s happening in Oceanside?
Have a question burning in your mind, ask the city council directly at the Oceanside Chamber’s Meet the City of Oceanside event on January 28th at the El Camino country club 5pm!
Coast HWY corridor… stop signs and other measures approved following the death of the child on a bicycle, looking for SANDAG grants for coast hwy improvements.
318 for sale units by Cornerstone on Old Grove road...
Via Historia lawsuit dropped…
Oceanside School District Youth Success Week is coming January 10 – 17th
Block 18 scheduled to open August 1
What’s happening at the County?
Stay tuned for future agenda items on water in our region
Veterans services center is open and hosts 14 non-profits to support our north county veterans
Palomar Airport masterplan will head to the board December 15 – last board meeting
<![CDATA[4 Wonderfully Easy Healthy Holiday Tips]]>Thu, 03 Dec 2015 16:13:25 GMThttp://www.oceansidechamber.com/occ-blog/4-wonderfully-easy-healthy-holiday-tips
by Carrie Chacon
Here it comes, Holiday Deliciousness! I love everything about the holidays, the food, the weather, the friends and family, everything that makes this time of year special. Running around, eating on the go and hugging everyone I see fills me with joy… and taxes my immune system. I say “Humbug” to colds, sniffles and fatigue! I don’t want to forgo hugs and hot chocolate to stay healthy, so I take a few precautionary steps during the holidays to keep myself and my family healthy (well as healthy as possible, colds can be sneaky bugs!)

  1. Water…. Water…. Water… Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Not really much else to say. When we jump in the car, each of has a water bottle (re-usable of course!).  Remind your kids, “sicky” bugs, aka the common cold, cannot swim. Stick with water, not sugary juices.  Sugar is power food for colds and flus.
  2. Wash your hands. Back to basics and simple. Wash your hands. Walk in the door, wash hands, drink water. Make that your Welcome Home routine. “Wash & Water.” 
  3. Walk, play, run, jump… exercise. Get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Kick up some feel good endorphins.  Laugh too while you’re at it, especially if you want a BIG feel good rush! To get this awesome rush, you only need 10 minutes of fun.
  4. Welcome a home-cooked dinner a few times a week. The healthiest thing you can do for your family is cook from home. Meals can be simple, the simpler the better. Less stress means more time to connect.   Here is a dinner tips for you. ​ 
Water, Wash, Walk and Welcome! Wonderfully Easy Tips!
Carrie Chacon
Chief Nutrition Officer
SNAC website!

<![CDATA[​Medi-Cal Initiative Can Save California Money]]>Wed, 02 Dec 2015 21:24:58 GMThttp://www.oceansidechamber.com/occ-blog/medi-cal-initiative-can-save-california-money
by Marva Bledsoe, Business and Community Political Action Committee
The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce has joined the growing list of businesses and healthcare providers supporting the Medi-Cal Funding and Accountability Act initiative.  Californians United is a coalition sponsoring this amendment to the existing Medi-Cal laws and focuses on closing loopholes and eliminating the Act’s current “sunset clause” scheduled for January 1, 2017.
In an impartial review by the Legislative Analyst’s Office supports the initiative.  That Office summarizes the fiscal effects of the measure as follows:  1)  State savings from increased revenues that offset state costs for children’s health coverage of around $500 million beginning in 2016-17 (half year savings) to over $1 billion annually by 2019-20, likely growing between 5 percent to 10 percent annually thereafter; and, 2)  Increased revenues to support state and local public hospitals of around $90 million beginning in 2016-17 (half-year) to $250 million annually by 2019-20, likely growing between 5 percent to 10 percent annually thereafter.
The Medi-Cal Funding and Accountability Act also ensures the State of California will receive $3 billion a year in new federal matching funds to provide health care services to children and resources needed for Medi-Cal to serve elderly and low-income Californians.  Without these resources, the money would have to come from privately insured patients.
The Emerging Issues Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month at 8:00am at the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce.  The Committee studies issues that impact our businesses and/or our community such as the Medi-Cal Funding and Accountability Act initiative.